• November 25 action in Basra
    • 16:10 25

    NEWS CENTER - In the Iraqi city of Basra, women took to the streets on November 25 and made action against violence.

  • Women invited to November 25 march
    • 16:51 24

    VAN - TJA and HDP Women’s Council invited women to the march that will be held tomorrow in İpekyolu district as part of November 25.

  • İlham Ehmed meets with Sergey Lavrov
    • 15:38 24

    NEWS CENTER - In the meeting, which MSD Executive Committee Chair İlham Ehmed and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov came together, ...

  • ‘Men should be educated’
    • 12:01 24

    IZMIR - The women drew attention to the fact that a preventive system against male-state violence does not work, and that the media played ...

  • Imralı application from lawyers
    • 15:58 23

    ISTANBUL - Lawyers of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan applied to Bursa Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office and Imralı Prison Directorate to ...

  • ‘Purple Chain’ action from women
    • 15:42 23

    ŞIRNAK - TJA and HDP Şırnak Women’s Council held a march in İdil on the occasion of November 25 with the ‘Purple Chain’ action.

  • KCK Press Case adjourned
    • 12:45 23

    ISTANBUL - The ‘’KCK Press Case’’, in which 46 journalists and media workers were tried, was adjourned.

  • Suspicious woman death in Mardin
    • 15:00 16

    MARDİN - A woman named İrem, who was staying in the dormitory of Credit and Dormitories Institution, fell from the 8th floor suspiciously ...